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We offer outstanding results when you trust us to clean your patio.

Who doesn’t love having a patio? Not only does it make your property look more beautiful, but it also acts as an outdoor living area where you can sit outside to enjoy nature or socialize with your family and friends. However, it can be harder to remember these benefits when you can’t seem to keep your patio clean for long. If you need patio cleaning services to restore its appearance and enjoy using it again, we’re here to help at Grime Fighters SoftWash.

Patio Cleaning Services in Waupaca, Wisconsin

While many people might turn to pressure washing to clean their patios, we know better. Pressure washing can be very destructive to a variety of materials and cause concrete pitting. To avoid damaging your patio, our patio cleaning services rely on soft washing instead.

If you are unfamiliar with soft washing, here’s how it works: First, we will apply our specialized cleaning solution to your patio. This consists of water-based, biodegradable chemicals that won’t harm your patio or the environment. We let these chemicals sit for a short period as they work to kill the mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants that are causing a buildup of dirt on your patio.

Lastly, we’ll rinse off the area with water at a low pressure. The results will look fantastic, and they’ll last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing because soft washing treats the source of the problem instead of just blasting away the dirt on the surface.

See for yourself how effective soft washing can be when you call us for patio cleaning services in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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