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With our concrete cleaning services, your commercial property will look better than ever.

Maintaining your commercial property’s appearance is a very important aspect of running a business. After all, a clean building and parking lot will leave your customers with a good impression, making it more likely that they will return in the future. We are here to help at Grime Fighters SoftWash by offering high-quality concrete cleaning services in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Concrete Cleaning Services in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Whether you need concrete cleaning services for your building, sidewalks, or parking lot, you should know that not every exterior cleaning method is created equal. Pressure washing may be the most conventional way to clean concrete, but it isn’t the ideal solution. The equipment applies so much pressure per square inch that it can cause pitting or make the concrete more susceptible to cracks. A better approach is to soft wash your concrete.

We use the soft washing method when we provide concrete cleaning services because it is highly effective while being gentle on the surface it is cleaning. The water-based and biodegradable chemicals we use are able to break down dirt and kill any mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, or other contaminants that might be staining your concrete surfaces. Once these chemicals have done their work, we will wash away everything with water at a low pressure and leave your concrete looking far better than before. One of the best parts is that the results will last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing.

If you are interested in our concrete cleaning services, contact us today to book an appointment. We are happy to provide a free quote for you too.