High Bay Dusting, Oshkosh, WI

High bay dusting can improve allergy symptoms by eliminating a major allergen.

Managing an industrial facility involves many important tasks. Some of the tasks you have to focus on include those that pertain to safety regulations. It’s important to check equipment regularly and ensure that everything is functioning properly. But the space in which you work also plays a role in employee safety and adherence to guidelines. A dirty or poorly maintained industrial facility can become a serious concern, particularly when you have valuable inventory or equipment within it. But since the tasks performed in many industrial facilities produce a lot of dirt and grime, it’s not easy to maintain a high level of cleanliness without the right cleaning methods.

High Bay Dusting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The team at Grime Fighters SoftWash specializes in industrial facility cleaning. One of our main areas of expertise is high bay cleaning and dusting for clients in and around Oshkosh, Wisconsin. High bays are often used in these types of facilities to accommodate different needs. But when high-bay facilities are hundreds of feet tall, it’s nearly impossible to keep them clean.

We use a method known as soft washing to target and eliminate contaminants. Over time, industrial facilities tend to accumulate mold and algae growth, dirt, and the residue left behind by insects and other pests. When those materials remain on a surface, they can build up and cause stains. Additionally, dust can accumulate and create problems within the space. We can come in and perform high bay dusting and cleaning to remove these contaminants. High bay dusting can also improve allergy symptoms by eliminating a major allergen. If you’d like to schedule a high bay dusting service, give us a call.