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You are going to love our superior alternative to standard house pressure washing services.

There was a time when any person with a truck and a pressure washer could go around offering house pressure washing services. Now that we know better about why this isn’t such a good idea, savvy homeowners are seeking out companies that offer the superior method of soft washing. At Grime Fighters SoftWash, we are proud to serve the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area with a proprietary system that goes beyond what standard house pressure washing can do, and it is safer for your home too.

House Pressure Washing in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

The first thing to know is that our process is safe for all surfaces of your home – even the roof! House pressure washing can cause damage to most surfaces, especially when the operator is inexperienced. Another benefit of our soft washing process is that it does more than remove the dirt and grime that is present on your deck, siding, roof, and other exterior surfaces. It removes the microbes so that they do not get right back to work making your home look unsightly. As a result, your home will remain clean far longer than standard house pressure washing. You’d have to do pressure washing four to six times during the same period of time that one soft washing visit remains effective.

We are happy to schedule an appointment to evaluate your home and tell you more about what our water-based, biodegradable products and soft washing process can do to improve the appearance of your home while also protecting it from the adverse effects of various contaminants. Reach out today!

FAQs About Pressure Washing

If you are interested in scheduling pressure washing services for your home, business, or other exterior structure, we at Grime Fighters SoftWash encourage you to use our soft washing services instead. Below, we’ll go over the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions on the matter to give you a better understanding of why our method is superior.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing gets its name from the fact that this method uses intense water pressure to remove dirt and grime by force. The equipment creates high-pressure jets of water—with pressure levels often in excess of 2000 PSI—which are then used on the target surface to blast away dirt and other contaminants.

What are the risks involved in pressure washing?
The chief risk associated with pressure washing is the likelihood that the intense water pressure will damage the target surface. Pressure washing has been known to damage softer materials such as siding and roof shingles, and it can even damage more durable surface like concrete when not done properly.
Why is soft washing better than pressure washing?
Our team offers soft washing services because this method produces better results than pressure washing, and its risk of damage is much lower. Because soft washing uses gentler water pressure, it is far less likely to harm the target surface. In addition, soft washing involves first treating the surface with a specialized blend of cleaning chemicals that kills harmful contaminants such as mold, mildew, and algae. This in turn keeps your structures in better long-term condition, and it produces a more thorough, longer-lasting clean.

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