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Leave it to us to wash your house and drastically improve its appearance.

At Grime Fighters SoftWash, we know you take pride in your Waupaca, Wisconsin home and want to maintain its appearance as best as you can. If your house is covered with dirt, we’re here to restore it to its former glory by washing your house thoroughly and effectively.

House Pressure Washing in Waupaca, Wisconsin

Many people rely on house pressure washing when it’s time to remove the dirt on their homes, but not everyone knows how destructive that can be. Pressure washing exerts well over 1000 PSI of water on your house, which can damage the materials your home is made of. In addition, the results don’t last very long because house pressure washing only addresses the surface of the problem.

Sure, it may blast away the dirt and grime on your siding, but because it doesn’t kill the bacteria, mold, algae, mildew, and other organic contaminants (which cause the stains and buildup of dirt in the first place), pressure washing isn’t the best way to clean your house’s exterior surfaces.

Instead of house pressure washing, we provide soft washing to improve your home’s appearance. We use water-based, biodegradable cleaning solutions to kill the bacteria and other contaminants, so they won’t reappear shortly after the treatment.

We’ll also rinse off the cleaning solutions, dirt, and grime with low pressure to avoid damaging your house. The results will last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing, and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with our service.

Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of soft washing over house pressure washing. We would be happy to provide a free estimate as well.

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