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Leave harmful pressure washing in the past and look to soft washing.

Chances are you’ve heard of people using pressure washing services to clean their home or business’ exterior surfaces. Maybe you’ve even used pressure washing in the past. But did you know that this cleaning technique actually causes more harm than you might have previously thought? Make soft washing your go-to choice instead and enjoy the benefits of a clean exterior without the detriments of pressure washing.

Soft Washing in Appleton, Wisconsin

Pressure washing may seem like a good option for cleaning your roof, patio, and other exterior surfaces around your home or commercial building, but it can actually cause paint-stripping and other harmful effects. Soft washing is a much safer option. We use a safe chemical solution to wash away contaminants such as algae, insects, and mold. After the solution has been used, we rinse off the surface with water while using much less pressure, so your exterior surface is protected while still being cleaned effectively.

In addition to its safety, soft washing has other benefits. While pressure washing only provides a short-term solution, soft washing’s effects last much longer. That’s because it is specifically designed to target contaminants rather than merely trying to blast away the surface dirt you can see, meaning the root of the dirtiness is getting taken care of with soft washing, rather than just the surface.

If your Appleton, Wisconsin home or business needs some exterior cleaning, call us here at Grime Fighters SoftWash and leave all the pressure washing in the past. We’re experienced with soft washing and would love to show you how it can benefit you, so call us today.

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